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A Black & White Affair (Director’s Cut)
Jezvynna + Najmi by Kudegraphy

Original colored version can be viewed here.
Their solemnization can be viewed here.

Directed & Edited by Kude
Cinematography by Ili Aris, Afifi Ishak, Sadiq Syibli, Aizat Rush & Aznul Muzahfar (Steadicam Operator)
Music by Moving Mountains – The Earth and the Sun
Venue by The Royale Chulan
Decorations by Pak Abu & Nas Great Idea
Wedding Gown by Rizalman & Jason Yek

The Official Music Video of ‘Burn It Down’ from Steven Chelliah’s debut EP ‘Supremacy-X’
Stay tuned for the release of the ‘Supremacy-X’ EP on iTunes, on Tuesday January 27th, 2015


Music Video : Kudegraphy
Production & Direction : Kudegraphy
Concept & Script : Steven Chelliah & Kudegraphy

Composer & Arranger : Steven Chelliah
Lyrics : Chris Murphy
Producer : Steven Chelliah & Rozhan Razman
Musicians : Mike Clairmont (Bass) & Nahum Corona (Drums)
All Music Recorded/Mixed/Mastered at Riro Muzik Studios, New York

Concept Art : Clayton Bondy
Make-up Artist : Carolina Collado
Custom ‘Tengkolok’ Headwear design : Kaydee DiCataldo
Costume Rentals : TDF Costume Collection, Kaufman Astoria Studios
Communications Assistant : Mr. Bill Withersby
Pyro-technician : John Cunningham
Filming Location : Riro Muzik Studios, New York


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