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The Official Music Video of ‘Burn It Down’ from Steven Chelliah’s debut EP ‘Supremacy-X’
Stay tuned for the release of the ‘Supremacy-X’ EP on iTunes, on Tuesday January 27th, 2015


Music Video : Kudegraphy
Production & Direction : Kudegraphy
Concept & Script : Steven Chelliah & Kudegraphy

Composer & Arranger : Steven Chelliah
Lyrics : Chris Murphy
Producer : Steven Chelliah & Rozhan Razman
Musicians : Mike Clairmont (Bass) & Nahum Corona (Drums)
All Music Recorded/Mixed/Mastered at Riro Muzik Studios, New York

Concept Art : Clayton Bondy
Make-up Artist : Carolina Collado
Custom ‘Tengkolok’ Headwear design : Kaydee DiCataldo
Costume Rentals : TDF Costume Collection, Kaufman Astoria Studios
Communications Assistant : Mr. Bill Withersby
Pyro-technician : John Cunningham
Filming Location : Riro Muzik Studios, New York


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Presenting Standard no.1

Will Lisak is the designer and craftsman behind the Brooklyn based company, Etwas, who truly believes that we should not only create something beautiful but to also enjoy the process and how it’s done, which we were fortunate enough to film in his studio.

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