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INSIGNIA is the debut collection of ASETS.fizjedar. It is based on the artwork by visual artist Fizjedar, which combines scientific engineering elements with Malaysian culture to highlight the ground-breaking mission embarked by Independence X Aerospace team.

Directed by Kude
Cinematography by Shahrul
Lighting by Syafiq

ATA PLUS : Invest in Malaysia Inc.
Malaysia’s first Online Equity Crowdfunding platform

Client : Ata Plus Sdn Bhd

Directed by : Kude
Technical Producer : Aween Adly
D.O.P : Saifuddin Musa
Production House : Runlowboy
Post Production : Technica Post
Location Studio : Metal Bees Production House

Featuring : Kyri Andreou, Johnny Mayo, Nelissa Hilman, Thisappear Plus, Toy Library Club, Mollydooker’s Coffee Bar, Nada Biru Muzik, Le Koof Music, Business in Gear

Special thanks to Zayan Yassin for organizing everything together.

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